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  1. VMware Workstation 8 의 소개와 가상 머신의 특성

    Date2016.04.30 ByJAESOO Views92
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  2. vCenter 없이 vSphere 로 ESXi 에 연결해서 가상머신 복사하기

    Date2016.03.18 ByJAESOO Views367
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  3. Workstation용 .vmdk를 esxi 전용으로 변환하기

    Date2016.03.17 ByJAESOO Views267
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  4. Configuring Virtual Machine Processor Settings

    Date2015.10.16 ByJAESOO Views273
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  5. Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)

    Date2015.10.13 ByJAESOO Views166
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  6. 인텔의 vPro, 5년 노력에도 안팔리는 이유?

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views159
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  7. 가상화 - 윈디하나의 솔라나라

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views450
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  8. 인텔® 가상화 기술 정보

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views317
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  9. [가상화] VT-D의 호환성 Motherboards

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views1857
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  10. 인텔의 AES-NI, TXT, VT-D (AES 명령어 세트, 신뢰 실행 기술, 가상화기술)

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views234
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  11. Desktop Boards - Compatibility with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) (가상화 지원 칩셋)

    Date2015.10.07 ByJAESOO Views334
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  12. Vmware Converter 포트 확인 (Required VMware vCenter Converter ports)

    Date2015.09.04 ByJAESOO Views232
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  13. Unable to connect to the network share 'x.x.x.x\ADMIN$' - When using vCenter Converter the converter agent fails to install with an error (1021465)

    Date2015.08.23 ByJAESOO Views551
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  14. 인텔® 가상화 기술 적용 프로세서 제품군 목록

    Date2012.12.26 ByJaeSoo Views1601
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  15. VMware giving error message while installing!! - VMware can not installed. VMware requires feature that are not present on your CPU, No-Excute Memory Protection

    Date2012.11.10 ByJaeSoo Views2668
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  16. 전가상화와 반가상화

    Date2012.07.14 ByJaeSoo Views1701
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  17. 하이퍼바이저형 가상화 vs 호스트형 가상화

    Date2012.07.14 ByJaeSoo Views1754
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  18. 우리나라에서 가상 데스크 탑 인프라 (VDI)는 무엇인가?

    Date2012.07.14 ByJaeSoo Views1434
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  19. 가상화 업체의 새로운 기회 - 망 분리 사업

    Date2012.07.14 ByJaeSoo Views1652
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  20. 논리적 망분리 이슈

    Date2012.07.05 ByJaeSoo Views2370
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